If you don’t take care of this now it can lead to heart trouble like high blood pressure or heart attack.  Other serious ailments linked to lack of sleep are being overweight, bummed out moods, decreased sex drive, decreased muscle tension, or even strokes.  Your whole system gets unbalanced and you can end up with lowered immunity, meaning your immune response to fight germs and sickness is lower than those people getting better sleep.

We are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep. 

Does this sound like you?

  • Your “Busy Brain” is constantly thinking and going over and over things
  • You worry, analyze and pick apart things
  • Have a critical or negative attitude, judge yourself, or avoid criticisms if you can
  • Anger problems, or outbursts of frustration or emotions
  • Medicating or even substance abuse to try and relax
  • Nightmares or sleep terrors haunting you
  • Tried Cannabis for relaxation but it loses effect over time & causes worse sleeping habits
  • Irregular Blood Sugars or prediabetes symptoms
  • Horrible sleep patterns depriving you of your health or outlook
  • Analyzing past & planning tomorrow, unable to just be in the now moment
  • Lack of motivation, bummed out, negative attitude, or low energy
  • Inflammation, sore joints, aggravated health problems
  • You have tried all the good advice, gimmicks, and you are ready to learn how to handle this yourself!



Imagine lying there with “Monkey Mind”, a term used to describe hopping from topic to topic, swinging around excessive ideas, tossing and turning, relentless thinking or needing to “just think things through” one more time. It’s an endless loop of crazy. Imagine listening to new ways to calm your mind, you can  learn how to “switch off the noise” as clients call it.  You will be able to slow your breathing and mind down with the tools and resources you are given, that’s right you discover what is going to work for you. Using this method allows you the choices, no longer relying on outside medications or gimmicks. Confidently you have the power back. How does that sound? Maybe you are wondering if it would work for you. Attend a free hypnotic screening to have your questions answered and determine for yourself. Nothing lost, attend the appointment and discover the cause of your poor sleep.  See if you can be accepted as a client.

58% of people in this study reported benefits and better sleep using hypnosis than other methods.Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine 

Over the counter remedies aren’t meant for long term use even if effective at all.  There are side effects to consider and withdrawal when coming off them.  All natural hypnosis gives you the control back.  Would it be better to give yourself new ways to calm down and give up sleepless nights?

Why do you need Better Sleep?

  • Your brain takes that days learning and information and stores it in your memory
  • We rid ourselves of toxic waste, replace old cells with new cells
  • Sleep allows us to fill up our battery & re-energize for the next day
  • Hunger hormones are naturally suppressed during rest, if you are awake you are more likely to signal for more fuel to be awake, therefore overeating.
  • Better fine motor skills, attention span, productivity, sport performance and muscle endurance.
  • Lower rate of inflammatory, cardiovascular, immune, and obesity diseases.

Going out without sleep can turn on your hungry signals, as your body believes it needs calories to stay awake

You want help to be able to sleep better tonight!  You will receive instruction from a real person who understands your situation and can adjust your live sessions to your dilemma. Come teach yourself new ways to relax, take charge of your misery. Are you sincere about getting better sleep habits? Find the help you need using hypnosis provided by Bruce Grey Hypnosis.

Don’t risk your long term happiness and health.  Avoid suffering any longer, it can be better.  Your life depends on it.  It’s easy to use hypnosis and relaxation to better your situation.  Make that call today and set up that complimentary free screening appointment and come find out for yourself what’s possible.  Imagine being rested, waking up with energy, focus, and a desire to get things done.  You can enjoy your life again and look for the positive aspects.


  • Improved concentration or excitement
  • Investment in your long-term health
  • Calm and relaxed attitude
  • Productive, accountable, trustworthy
  • Control over your emotions
  • Better outlook for the future
  • Rested, period!

If you have questions we can have the answers.  It’s worth a call to 519 955 4998. Or send in a Contact Us form to set up a time.

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