Imagine laying in bed unable to sleep. Staring at the ceiling or clock.  Your mind is all over the place with planning, organizing, worry, fears, upset, & wild imagination.  A term I like to refer to as “Monkey Mind”, a term written to describe hopping about from one topic to another topic, swinging about excessive ideas, around & around, tossing or turning, exhaustively thinking “just think things through” one more time.  It’s an endless loop of crazy.  

Baboon-like scratching your head trying to find some answer.  All primates need sleep, it’s built in for a reason.  It’s required for our cells to release toxins at night & regenerate.  Our mind processes all the new information received during the day & stores it into our memory so we can recall it later.  If you have ever studied all night & then had a hard time recalling it the next day it may be because the information hadn’t moved into the storage area for recall yet.  Think of it like “you can’t pick up a parcel that hasn’t made it through to the right area yet”.  Your health & wellness depend on regular rest.

What to do, what to do  …. use hypnosis to calm your mind or slow your breathing.  You can learn the things needed to make you sleep better.  It’s an all natural approach, no side effects.  Are you tired of other companies getting rich on your problem? Invest in yourself, no longer relying on outside help.  You learn how to do this for yourself.  How cool is that, you learn the ways to make this better.  Use hypnosis today & learn self hypnosis. Your sleep matters.

Enter into new sleep wavelengths & remind your mind of the new ways you learned to calm down.  Clients refer to it as “switching off the noise”.  You will be able to slow your breathing pace & mind down with the resources & tools you are given … that’s right you discover what is going to work for you.  Using this method allows you the choices, no longer relying on outside medications or gimmicks. Confidently you have the power back.  How does that sound?  Maybe you are wondering if it would work for you.  Attend a free hypnotic screening to have your questions answered & determine for yourself.  Nothing lost, attend the appointment & discover the cause of your poor sleep.  Limited spots available.  See if you can be accepted as a client by calling 519 955 4998 or check out more at

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