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Not everything has to be a big, hairy, scary deal. Imagine the difference with the hassle out of your way. #Hypnosis Works
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If you are searching this site for Pricing please note that each person is in a unique situation & I can only offer a program to you after an assessment.

The program is driven by you the client, your needs, your goals, your fast results, your desire, your success.

If you were to choose a product somewhere that was the longest in length because you had the idea that you would need all this help & all this time to get to your desired outcome….that’s just setting the stage for the process to take that long!  It would be unethical for me to sell you a product that was more than you needed just to sell you something.

If you are thinking I’m having you come to the office to offer you this glorified high-pressure sales pitch is the opposite of what I do. The main reason I wish to meet with you is to do a quick hypnosis test to determine if you are able to be hypnotized.  Then together we will discuss the options you have.  Most clients make their decision at that free screening.  Dare to imagine your new life, a new wardrobe, new health, new smoke-free lungs, new happiness, new freedom, new confidence, new performance, let that imagination run wild.  Hypnosis will scrub away old beliefs & takedown negative thinking.  Professional building. There’s no risk to attend the screening & get all your questions answered. Ask about the Guarantee.  Full support from start to finish.

What Clients' Say

“ I’ve already reached my goal…now to maintain and keep bettering myself”

“I enjoy listening to the audiotapes every day, I feel it does keep me on track…..this has been an excellent tool in assisting me to get to my goal. I am taking action, I am a great person.”*

“I am feeling more in control & have more confidence that I can & will beat this obsession with food….life is now going in the right direction & I feel more positive of the outcome. I am very thankful to Tracy for starting me on this life change!”*

“…I have a better sense of myself & able to adapt to different & stressful situations better. At this point, my triggers are being controlled & I feel much happier”*

“My sessions have taught me many valuable skills & strategies to deal with decisions & situations in the moment. “*

Abiding by all COVID protocols – Business & programs continue virtually from the comfort of your own home. Facebook Video, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or a good old phone call.  Fill out the contact form & submit it before all the spots are gone!

Call/text Tracy at 519 955 4998 to book a FREE SCREENING to be assessed to see if hypnosis is for you.

More Services

Our Services

Is being overweight restricting your life? Weight loss programs are natural, customized, and have lasting change. No scales, no complicated rules. Just effective weight loss.

Are you trading your health for your habit? Disgusted with how you smell? Feeling controlled by cigarettes & more? Our Hypnosis Stop Smoking program is effective, easy and natural.

Overwhelmed, nervous, or tired? Everyday life too much & you feel not in control? Spinning in fear or unable to make a decision? Hypnosis can bring relaxation back into your life.
Are you frustrated with horrible sleep patterns that deprive you of, well everything?  Let’s face it, lack of sleep can leave you in a brain fog, irritabile, lacking motivation?

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles that people face when it comes to achieving their goals. It can keep you from doing what you want in life and it can hinder your growth.

Bad habits at first glance look incredibly difficult to break, and often seem impossible to overcome. It’s common to feel like you’re at the mercy of your bad habits.

Hypnosis can help you change your mood or state of mind and give you the tools you need to be more confident in yourself. Let go of resentment and old emotions, grab a new way to do things.

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