Overwhelmed with To-Do Lists, but never take action? World spinning too fast? Trouble with communication, outbursts of emotion instead? Feeling unsatisfied with life or work? Uncaring attitude toward finances, household duties, and responsibilities? Afraid of what the future holds? Stress, on top of stress starting to spiral out of control? Using hypnosis you can release the pressure cooker you are living.

What Clients' Say

Stress can be an overwhelming response to what the mind perceives as too much. Headaches, feeling unwell, lack of energy, overwhelmed with things that should get done, pain, outbursts of emotion, upset, anger, even analyzing everything, getting lost in what the devil & angel on your shoulder have to say also, back & forth but unable to move onward. This constant Merry-Go-Round in your head affects your body, swirling around in chaos. Wouldn’t you like to get take back control before life tosses you on your butt?

Teach Stress Control, why yes we do?

That out-of-control feeling is your body responding to the outside world…. your work environment, changes, local happenings, world news, your daily commute, any family or societal pressures, your life! Mix that with how you internally represent life… what you think about, stored memories, how you actually feel in your body, past mixups, rules that get broken, feeling let down, even out of shape, and reaching for quick fixes that are short term at best.

“stress is part of an explosion in workplace mental health issues now costing the Canadian economy an estimated $33 billion a year in lost productivity, as well as billions more in medical costs”

     — article by John Intini, Martin Patriquin and Ken Macqueen

Through a filter, any event that the mind-body stores will change the way you look at things. Ever burnt your hand on a hot stove or oven? Do you look at hot stove elements differently afterward? Sure, before burning yourself you didn’t have the same pain stored in your mind and the scar on your body. This new awareness keeps us yielding hot moments. It’s useful to avoid scorching our bodies yet again, that’s what the subconscious does, stores memories to protect us. The problem arises when we only look to the “bad” memories and get over-focused, hyper-aware, swirling around your mind in a place that expects problems, convincing ourselves that impending doom and failure are in the next second, let alone just around the corner. This over stimulus causes the 3 F’s.

“I found this hypnosis treatment to be heartwarming & caring. Tracy has a gift of warmth & compassion to practice hypnosis to help others feel better & to let go of past trauma & grief. Tracy also practiced NLP for me that further assisted to remove any past hurts or bad memories. I feel fresh now”*

Are you ready to learn hypnosis to control stress?

The body’s response to harm triggers these 3 reactions. Freeze and stay in one spot, literally froze and unable to move, or perhaps your mind is stuck in one spot, frozen in time. Fighting the world, fleeing people who don’t understand, anger erupting, yelling, lashing out, unable to keep emotion from bubbling up. Taking flight you retreat to very safe places, let others decide, getting far away from the problem by hiding out, keeping a safe distance, and out of harm’s way.

In order for the body to defend its self against prey and danger, we have an original STRESS BUTTON. That part of our brain that senses danger and switches on the freeze, fight, or flight to get us out peril. Originally used to avoid lions, predators, and extreme danger our everyday life of work, bills, calendars, fake news, and real news, can mimic this just by the way we look at and talk to ourselves about it. When the stress button is active all resources to go “getting out of danger” and so the body slows digestion, lowers libido, raises blood pressure, and many more to have all available resources to run away from peril. Over time this depletes your body and chronic issues lurk.

Using Hypnosis for Stress Control at Bruce Grey Hypnosis you learn new ways to deal with life’s ups and downs. Real ways to hold your own when dealing with life in real-time. Imagine managing your stress by triggering your relaxation response and allowing you to enter a deep state where you leave problems for a moment, and learn how to try life in a new way.

Dare to dream a different path. Hypnosis and other techniques used in your customized session create shifts in thinking and pave a new future, the one you deserve. Learning self-hypnosis will allow you to take control. Having this amazing tool at your disposal will empower you and remind you that you have all the qualities you need to stay successful. Yes, you will be taught new ways to look at things, how to turn down that anger, lots of resources to change stinking thinking, allow your body to step out of the 3 F’s, and calm down.

“I encourage anyone who wants to make real change with their lives to use Bruce Grey Hypnosis & see what kind of a better life they can have with help & guidance.”*

“Hypnosis has allowed me to gain tools to deal with the anxiety caused by an event. The anxiety came with trouble sleeping and loss of appetite as well as withdrawing from social settings. The tools gained have helped with all these symptoms.”*

Learning self-hypnosis will allow you to take control. Having this amazing tool at your disposal will empower you and remind you that you have all the qualities you need to stay successful.
Hypnosis and other techniques used in your customized session can create a new way of looking at things, create shifts in thinking, and pave a new future, the one you deserve! Call now to book you free HYPNOSIS screening and take your life back! Sessions are done online and from the comfort of home at this time. Reduce worry and nervousness from the comfort of your own home!

Take control of your life using hypnosis. Using relaxation and soft suggestions we can step out of your fight or flight merry-go-round life. Slow things down, and turn things around. The theta state is where we naturally pass through when going to sleep, the same state as hypnosis. It’s a built-in relaxed state of the body. Let’s utilize it better in your life. Many people find they sleep better, have improved concentration, and a renewed sense of self.

“Hypnosis has helped me understand the bigger picture in life.  It has helped me find a new way to look at things, & has helped me be able to take action when I start feeling down.  I have learned for me personally, I need to go do something with my hands, do something active, or workout.  Anyone can tell you to do something but hypnosis gave me ways to help myself.”*

Just like switching on a light, turning on a tap, or wiping a surface, you learned how to do things. With our guidance you can learn that same control over runaway emotions, bubbling anger, overwhelmed frustration, feeling unimportant, whirling worry, unsecured nerves, building stress, whatever shows up in your life. Learn how to do things differently. Until now maybe you didn’t realize there was any choice. Review, renew, rejoice, hypnosis teaches you rewarding ways to be in control of your life.

Depending on which senses you engage with best, each person will have an individual experience. You may experience heavy, light, or nothing. See colours or visuals, pick up phrases, or a song. Letting hassle and stress disappear you will feel as if you are deeply relaxed, yet still aware enough to respond to a fire alarm if needed. Whatever you get out of your session is what you needed or your mind allowed. Many people slip into that relaxed state, release tension or pain, forget the world for a bit, and chill out.

Stress is best reduced with relaxation hypnosis. The relaxed state of hypnosis is best utilized to remove frustration, transform trauma, move anger where it belongs, reduce negative thinking, soften limitations, or shift barriers. Wouldn’t you like to learn ways to control your triggers, manage stressful situations, overcome fears, get a handle on life without blowing up, see other perspectives, or experience forgiveness? Some clients report that they have never been so relaxed before. From that tension-free grounded place, rational thoughts form, and a new way of doing life can be experienced.

Hypnos, in Greek mythology, was the symbol of sleep and this was applied to this state even though later it was discovered that sleep is a different brainwave. At the time of naming this new discovery, it seemed to fit. Instead, the body relaxes while the mind lets go of problems and enlightens to positive suggestions given by the teacher or guide known as the hypnotist. Leaving stress in the office the client is able to exchange it for comfort, easiness, and concentration.
Defined as “a state that resembles sleep but that is induced by suggestion” WordNet.princeton.edu

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Is being overweight restricting your life? Weight loss programs are natural, customized, and have lasting change. No scales, no complicated rules. Just effective weight loss.

Are you trading your health for your habit? Disgusted with how you smell? Feeling controlled by cigarettes & more? Our Hypnosis Stop Smoking program is effective, easy and natural.

Overwhelmed, nervous, or tired? Everyday life too much & you feel not in control? Spinning in fear or unable to make a decision? Hypnosis can bring relaxation back into your life.
Are you frustrated with horrible sleep patterns that deprive you of, well everything?  Let’s face it, lack of sleep can leave you in a brain fog, irritabile, lacking motivation?

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles that people face when it comes to achieving their goals. It can keep you from doing what you want in life and it can hinder your growth.

Bad habits at first glance look incredibly difficult to break, and often seem impossible to overcome. It’s common to feel like you’re at the mercy of your bad habits.

Hypnosis can help you change your mood or state of mind and give you the tools you need to be more confident in yourself. Let go of resentment and old emotions, grab a new way to do things.

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