Are cigarettes smoking controlling your life? Do cravings call you, even though you know you have to quit? Have you tried everything else, spent lots of money, & still fall back into old habits? Do you have difficulty breathing or getting up a flight of stairs? Medical professionals urging you to quit? Embarrassed by your habit or smell on your clothes? 
Stop thinking you’ll never be able to do this!

What Clients' Say

You can stop smoking naturally using hypnosis and the awesome power of suggestion. Make it easy on yourself. Accept our help and quit for good. Call now to book your free online screening to join the group of people having success as non-smokers.

“After 20+ years of on again off again smoking I feel like for the first time I won’t need to worry about falling back.  After only 2 weeks I hardly even think about smoking anymore & that has never happened even after long periods of quitting.  I know for the first time I’m not going to need to fall back into old habits when the stress of life comes in.”*  

Using hypnosis as a tool to reinforce positive new behaviors you will gain the confidence to release your old habit for good. Hypnosis had been around for years. Professional and ethical practice is not the same as fun stage shows that use hypnosis for entertainment. During a session, your enhanced capacity to focus will allow you to receive positive suggestions and beneficial implants for success.

1/2 a pack a day smoker spends $3000 annually, in 10 years that’s $30,000 Saved

As you fall asleep each night & awaken in the morning you enter theta state, the same state used for hypnosis. The body is already accustomed to this natural state of relaxation therefore feeling safe and secure. When in hypnosis clients would be able to respond to a fire alarm or similar if required. Truth is you probably hypnotized yourself into liking cigarettes in the first place. Coughing and telling yourself you liked it! Together using hypnosis you would return to being a non-smoker again!

*twenty minutes after your last cigarette blood pressure and pulse rate drop to normal , and hands and feet return to normal temperature

*chances of heart attack decrease 24 hours after your last smoke

*from two weeks to three months circulation continues to improve and lung function will be up by 30%

*at the end of one year your risk of coronary

heart disease is half that of a smoker

The cost of cigarettes could purchase food or other necessary items.

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Stop smoking & start dreaming

“thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me quit for good”

Dreaming of a new car or other purchase? Bills piling up, no retirement plan? You owe it to yourself. Give up one for the other. It pays for itself! How awesome is that? Do your own math. What would you save if you freed yourself from the hassle of smoking today?

All thought is governed by these two aspects of your brain: the conscious & the subconscious, aka the unconscious. Consciously, you understand you don’t want to be a smoker. Logically staring at the unhealthy photos on the package, severe diseases, and the increased morbidity stock you. You’ve done the mathematics about the cash you spend too! Unfortunately, your subconscious has beliefs also. Whenever a debate of Logic vs. Emotion gets in the ring, the unconscious is the winner. Perhaps you just wanted to be like your friends, giving in to peer pressure to hang out with the group, belong to something special, or rebel against structure or rules. Whatever originally tied you to smoking must be undone in the mind to finally be free forever! When in your stop smoking session you change your subconscious mind and therefore your emotional associations with needing to smoke cigarettes, vape, or inhale of any kind.

The best stop smoking programs combine hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, light and sound technology, and audios to use at home for support through your program. A couple of sessions are suggested to ensure effective life-long change, the time to see results or respond to real-life challenges or stress, and the client’s own evidence that the hypnosis is working. Proving to themselves they have finally crushed the habit and have the resources to stay smoke-free forever. Reward yourself the best way by becoming free from the shackles of smoking now.

Your stop smoking with hypnosis session will allow you to trade triggers for tranquil. It doesn’t make any sense to trade one habit for another. Instead; learning with the guidance of the hypnotist; clients develop new thinking, find freedom, and avoid confining structure. Funny enough people who reduce their food intake don’t take up cigarettes or another habit. At Bruce Grey Hypnosis the focus is on learning to do life in a new way, being okay, instilling the confidence, doing it in the real world, having success, which by default instills even more confidence. Boom, done smoking.

The danger is that you won’t use hypnosis to stop smoking now! All-natural, no harmful side effects, the danger shifts. Cease smoking or cease? Which do you consider more dangerous? Consider quick, easy, and pain-free hypnosis. No cravings, gimmicks, just undo the behavior, and start fresh again. Free in life and having a choice again. Whew, dodged that one!

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Is being overweight restricting your life? Weight loss programs are natural, customized, and have lasting change. No scales, no complicated rules. Just effective weight loss.

Are you trading your health for your habit? Disgusted with how you smell? Feeling controlled by cigarettes & more? Our Hypnosis Stop Smoking program is effective, easy and natural.

Overwhelmed, nervous, or tired? Everyday life too much & you feel not in control? Spinning in fear or unable to make a decision? Hypnosis can bring relaxation back into your life.
Are you frustrated with horrible sleep patterns that deprive you of, well everything?  Let’s face it, lack of sleep can leave you in a brain fog, irritabile, lacking motivation?

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles that people face when it comes to achieving their goals. It can keep you from doing what you want in life and it can hinder your growth.

Bad habits at first glance look incredibly difficult to break, and often seem impossible to overcome. It’s common to feel like you’re at the mercy of your bad habits.

Hypnosis can help you change your mood or state of mind and give you the tools you need to be more confident in yourself. Let go of resentment and old emotions, grab a new way to do things.

“I have found motivation to exercise & eat properly.”

“I have found motivation to exercise & eat properly.”

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