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Okay, I’ve never researched what might be in a smoke.  What the heck is going on here!!!  They dump everything in those tubes.  As a Canadian, I even seemed proud to know that Maple Syrup made its way into cigarettes.  They also include leaves of all kinds, roots, flowers. extracts, traces of pesticides, acetone, and Raisin Juice Concentrate? 

See the entire list here: List of additives in cigarettes

Wikipedia scribes 599 cigarette additives.  Some of these are safely used in the production of food.  It’s the lighting of the smoke that things turn ugly. Burning morphs these household items into cancer-causing bombs.  Smoking causes 1 in 5 deaths in Canada.

News flash….7000 chemicals are in tobacco smoke, about 250 are “harmful” and approximately 69 are known for, oh what’s that disease oh yeah CANCER  Lists are then categorized into smaller lists of Carcinogens, Toxic Metals, Radioactive Toxic Metals, Poisons, and so on. Really this isn’t news to many.   Over 7000 chemicals are released from a burning cigarette and yet we still continue this habit.  Is it the addiction? No, the nicotine only stays in your bloodstream for 1 to 3 days.  What then keeps us paying large amounts of money to continue this daily habit that loves to control us?  What if smoking has always been there for you when you were bored, stressed, nervous, waking up…….etc. 

Would it be reasonable to you if you were…hum……able to wake up another way     ?????  Maybe JUST embrace a hot beverage, removing that other habit.  Go ahead imagine that now.  Imagine checking off a list in your mind  1. Wake up easily, embrace hot beverage of choice, see beauty, actually smell (breakfast smells, and remember you can indulge a little here cause you’ve already saved $$$) 2. Taste, truly taste the food. 3. Pick up your phone with unstained fingers, notice you are free from controlling addiction.  Sound too much like a fairy tale?  Quitting smoking is easy if you are calmly doing it.  What have you got to lose?  Stop smoking or lose your health?!?  For those many people who have already quit what would you want them to say to you:  “I’m proud to be a non-smoker”, “I never let anybody hug me before cause I smelt”, “I’m no longer trapped and controlled by smoking”, “ I’ve tried everything before I tried hypnosis”.  Come see the testimonials of others just like you, regular people with the same desire to be free of the hassle of smoking.

There are so many benefits to your health, literally as soon as you quit the body starts its repair job.  Chances of a heart attack decrease 24 hours after you stop smoking. Nerve endings regrow, smell and taste return, body temperature normalizes, walking and climbing stairs becomes easier as you choose to stay a non-smoking person.

Clear the smoke forever, stop smoking for good using hypnosis.   It can be as easy as taking off a bandaid if you let be…. See it as simple as that now.  Be clear in your mind and it really can be that easy.

Take a moment.  Really……close your eyes and drift into a land where you are smoke-free.  How does it look, smell, sound, feel?  Notice your accomplishment. Smile…….come back to us when you’ve secured the look of the new you. Use hypnosis to quit smoking for good.  I offer a no-obligation free screening to decide to use Hypnosis for Stop Smoking.

 Cease smoking now!

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