New Year, New You ……… that’s a pile of kangaroo dung. Super pumped up people, in your face trying to motivate us towards this amazing outcome. They think they have enough energy for the both of us. The trouble is we have to want it. We are not doing it for them & they are not doing it for us. Feels like someone’s asking us to climb Mt. Everest to our bodies & emotions, doesn’t it? 

Let’s separate that — Doing it for others list: 

  • Doctor says (fill in the blank) health problem is showing up. Therefore get our weight under control, stop smoking, sleep better, stress less,….ya, ya, ya! 
  • Friend or family member thinks that doing it together will “be great”. Except when they start doing well the rest of us feel like we are failing (even though we’ve made changes in the right direction) we see ourselves as less. Then the old thoughts & feelings start creeping back in & we give up on the progress we’ve made. Not seeing what we’ve accomplished & focusing on the negative only. Slipping back into old habits to feel safe. Seeing the mountain as too large. 
  • Thinking we don’t have the energy to climb this mountain or see ourselves on the other side we still agree to try a new diet, pill, regime, machine, program & put the ownness on something other than ourselves. 

Imagine that somehow the “mountain” was just a bunch of smaller destinations. Feels smaller right? See it that way. Even the climbers of Mt. Everest have different legs of the journey. Different places to stop, camp, gain skills, & then proceed to the next triumph. The flag at the end is a progression of events. Starting with speed bumps, progressing to stairs, taking the necessary steps gets us from A through Z. ( A straight to Z = too much change at once ) 

A through Z, progressing A, B, C … when we’re ready. Notice your body more relaxed when we think of it in that way. Seems doable in that light, but HOW you ask? When in the relaxed hypnosis state your mind is concentrated & with that heightened focus it grabs suggestions without any debate & becomes engrossed with the train of thought. Leading you to your desired change. 

As we go through life we pick up certain beliefs. If we’ve ever tried & not made it we have more proof of failure than of having achieved then we create a belief that we can’t do __________ (again fill in the blank), lose weight, stop smoking, sleep better, exercise more, stress less, soften anxiety, create wellness, get a better career, or reach the next level. 

Hypnosis will soften these beliefs. Returning us to our natural state. Allowing us to calm our system. Changing & shifting our mindset. With the roadblocks out of our mind setting out on a journey seems more like we are packed, prepared & supported. Confident to try new things. Like a baby learning to walk, encouraged, able to go again until we master this skill. Walking with purpose again. 

What are the reasons you would want this — For ourselves list: 

  • Build confidence & clarity by taking away old beliefs that no longer serve you. 
  • Support throughout the program to realize what you’ve been doing & turn it around. 
  • Natural, safe, effective (the British using hypnosis for childbirth since the 1950s). No lists, diets, rules, counting, weighing, stress. 


Imagine your life differently? What change would you be willing to tackle if you had this kind of support? Could you see things differently? Hear life going better? Feel like the speed bump is more the size of a toothpick & not a problem as big as Everest? 

Remind yourself of all the negativity if you don’t make these changes. Worsening health, less mobility, COPD, or problems related to smoking, overweight, low self-worth. It’s just negative thinking….that’s all. Just thinking. Together let’s change the way you think. 

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