If You Fall, Do You Get Up?

Maybe the answer isn’t as obvious as you assume!

Imagine a blunder, whoops, somehow you end up stumbling ….”tripped up for a moment”.  Somehow you’ve gone off track.  It’s okay to give up and stay there (wait – who’s talking foolishly).

Devil & Angel shoulder debate.  Who invited these guys anyway?  I could just flick away the discussion!

You should just listen to your negative mind, you should stay there stuck, face down on the sidewalk ….. yep that’s totally the answer.  Wait there, don’t move, don’t eat nor drink.  Lay down, just urinate where you are, pee on life ……. it was a waste anyway.  Have I made this foolish enough yet?  No, okay keep going downhill further I guess.  Just take your craps where you are, give up, I mean life is crappy anyway, am I right?  Just sit in your crappy life complaining, get angry, look for an excuse, nothing can be done about this situation.  Where do these negative voices come from anyway?  I could just dial them down!

If you fall, do you get up?  Some don’t get up.  

Some people stay down.  Some people believe they are stuck. 

Some people won’t look further than the end of their nose to see a goal, a solution or a new possibility.

Does this way of life seem familiar to you?

Are you stuck in negative thinking?

Isn’t giving up riskier than succeeding?

Do you want to get back up?

Would it be okay to take one small action before tomorrow?

It’s okay to want your goal?

“There is no failure, only learning what to do differently next time”. That’s right, learning from what challenges us.

Do you get up?                  If you fall down, do you get up?  Of course you do so why would weight loss or any other goal be different?    If you get off track, correct yourself.  That’s all.

If you are reading this and want a new outlook, a way to rewire your mindset book a free time to be screened and see what leverage you can create over your own mind.  All hypnosis is self hypnosis.  I guide you into the state of hypnosis, similar to states of mind when we fall asleep, and your mind finds choice, possibility, creative solutions, and opens doors of potential.  Our everyday mind is avoiding peril, looking only at problems, and truly isn’t’ very good with possibility.  And that my friend is why hypnosis works.  Open up this other untapped portion of your mind, unleash your positive mindset today.

Where does the fog of disbelief come from anyway?  I could just focus on my personal goal!

If you are reading this and you are ready to grab more success in your program, use the things you have learnt, access useful states of mind, act as if it was going the way you wanted, send tension down the drain, consider 3 creative new ways to just take any action, see a goal, hear what possible, feel safe taking the next step, taste victory and smell successful.  Remember to step into your senses!!!    Talking about it isn’t an actual action!!!    Action, small steps, doing it, realizing you have done it….that’s what gets things done.  Talking or thinking about going for a walk is very different from the action of going for a walk.  See you at your next session.  Review what areas are next as your 2022 growth areas!!

If for any reason you are reading this and you are off track with your program’s success.  Admit it, toss that behind you and take the action of booking a session to pull yourself back up.  Call for a refresher and get back up again. 

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