Anger Volcano

Be certain there will be pockets of life when things don’t go the way you planned. COVID would be one of these times that catches us off guard, life has definitely thrown us frustration, fear, and shaken our world. Perhaps you are feeling unsure. Annoyed with life, work, or finances? Overreacting and overreaching to food, drink, smoking, or substance abuse to try and keep up your head above water.

Are people doing things that go against the rules, expectations, values, or ideals? Do you find you just don’t understand people or their actions? Does life seem dreary or create more stress, leaving you so overwhelmed you hide under that heavy blanket? Feeling like it’s impossible to engage in life or complete tasks? This next sentence is an important one. How you label or describe these feelings to yourself determines how you respond. In the heat of things, it may seem that eruption of emotion is the only answer. I’m here to show you different options, how to implement them, give feedback, and change how you react to life.

Any circumstances can trigger deep emotional lava within that suddenly brings this overwhelm from nowhere. Irrational fears, phobias, disappointment, insecurity, and more quickly boil into this red not mess of eruption. Spewing lava, in the form of upset, agitation, anger, blame, helplessness, distraction, or hurt. Fixating on the problem instead of having a way to switch your focus. Bruce Grey Hypnosis shows you how to switch from getting steamed up about things, negative self-talk, internal boiling, emotional eating, self-harm, and sinking helpless thinking.

Humans experience a form of anger when we lose control of our emotions and (hopefully) regret actions and words. Anger is an emotion, helping you understand yourself. At first glance, it would seem that something made you upset. Consider if you made yourself angry as you hyperfocused, only seeing what is going wrong, losing perspective, tunnel-visioned, and lost in the details. You choose in what way you reacted to the situation. Would you like to be more in control of your eruptions? No longer disconnected from the universe and bummed out. Finally done with being short-sighted, hearing only negativity, and feeling the weight of the world on you, or worse you’ve gained the weight and are now embarrassed, disappointed, and lost in a miserable place.

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hypnosis for stress control is effective. Come read the testimonials of people just like you changing their actions! Do you really what to continue stressing out? Life can be different. Let Bruce Grey Hypnosis offer you a free screening to explain everything.

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